Ingo Wendt. Center for International Lightart Unna 2016. Photo HBKsaar
Kurt Laurenz Theinert. Lichtraum. Photo Kurt Laurenz Theinert
joeressen+kessner. Mond ueber Tunis. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo joeressen+kessner
joeressen+kessner. L'Ecriture de l'Espace. INTERFERENCE Tunsi 2016. Photo Eva Maria Joeressen
Kurt Laurenz Theinert. The Skin We Call Reality. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Sabina von Kessel
Tom Groll. Scheinbares. LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim 2015. Photo Sara Foerster
Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann. Biocenosis. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Amor ben rhouma (1)
GLOW 2014
Jihen Ben Chikha
Annika Hippler. Painting of light. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Kuno Seltman(1)
joeressen+kessner. dialogus miraculorum. AUFRUHR Arnsberg 2009. Photo joeressen+kessner (3)
Martina Tritthart. Yellowblueyou. 2017. Photo Roman Bönsch (2)
Martina Tritthart. Yellowblueyou. 2017. Photo Roman Bönsch.
Xenorama. ATTYÉF AL‘MEDINA. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Xenorama
Hartung + Trenz. Zero. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Detlef Hartung
Hartung + Trenz. Spielraum. LICHTROUTEN Luedenscheid 2013. Photo Jennifer Braun
Robert Sochacki. Loophole. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Sabina von Kessel
Ghorbel + Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri (2)
Ghorbel + Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri (1)
Liliya Ben Romdhane + Ursula Scherrer. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo Mehdi Khemili
Melanie Colosimo. Photo Melanie Colosimo
Melanie Colosimo. Photo Steve Farmer
Lena Weisner. FLUX Series 3. Frankfurt 2016. Photo Andrea Thembie Hannig
RaumZeitPiraten. Khayál. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo RaumZeitPiraten
Ghorbel+Mhiri. Photo Wadi Mhiri
Photos: Jennifer Braun // Roman Bönsch // joeressen+kessner // Mehdi Khemili // Wadi Mhiri //RaumZeitPiraten // Sabina von Kessel // Kurt Laurenz Theinert

From July 1, 2017
// If you are interested to join this project, please read the instructions and apply here. The participation is free of charge. The program’s language is English. >>

July 21 to 31, 2017
// Visiting artists are exploring the Houmt Souk area to learn about Djerba with the support of IJOU GDENA. Over the course of 10 days they will identify sites and contexts that are of interest for a site-specific art project. In their production they will be supported by accomplices of IJOU GDENA and INTERFERENCE Tunis.

Mariandreina Baasch // Jihen Ben Chikha //  Constanze Flamme // Sara Foerster // Houda Ghorbel + Wadi Mhiri // Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann // Hartung + Trenz // Annika Hippler // joeressen+kessner // Liubov Moskvina // RaumZeitPiraten // Ursula Scherrer // Robert Sochacki // Kurt Laurenz Theinert // Martina Tritthart // Lena Weisner // Ingo Wendt // Xenorama

[Dates and times will be announced here]
// Every day one of the visiting artists will host an open studio offering an insight on approach, concept, and work.

Guide MAP for the SEE Djerba Public Parcours :

MAP SEE Djerba 2017