The term public space sounds like an unfulfilled promise. Restrictive forces seem to work against what could be a sphere of interaction and free communication for a community and all its inhabitants. We just do not know what the public and its places are capable of, that’s why we want to interact and learn about.


ElektroMistel_Kraftstation Remscheid03_RaumZeitPiraten 2015
RaumzeitPiraten. Khayál. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo RaumZeitPiraten (4)
SchattenSpielAutomaten - Museum der Kulturen - Basel - RaumZeitPiraten - 2015
Photos: RaumZeitPiraten.


RaumZeitPiraten (Tobias Daemgen, Jan Ehlen, Moritz Ellerich) are a space and time bending artists collective. Since 2007 they create site-specific, performative installations as ephemeral models of imperfect mensch-maschine counter worlds questioning calculated realities, scientific accurateness and anorganic, machine dominated behaviour. With custom-built opto-acoustic instruments they are misusing and remixing ancient and up-to-date auditive and visual technologies for heterogeneous, organically improvised light and sound architectures. Their activities are aimed at playful, experimental connections of sound, image, object, space and time to an alternately-self-expanding-multimedia-performance-surround-spaceship-laboratory-travel to somewhere between science and fiction.
2017 | Media Art Festival Rome, Italy
2017 | LichtLabor, Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, Krefeld, Germany
2017 | SPECTRA Aberdeen´s Festival of Light, Aberdeen, Scotland
2017 | Lichtcampus, Hildesheim, Germany
2016 | International Light Art Project Tunis, Tunisia
2016 | PlanetB, NRW Forum Düsseldorf, Germany
2016 | Scope Session #51, Berlin, Germany
2015 | CrossArtFestival, Erarta Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2015 | Int. Digital Art Festival, National Academy of Art Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 | Strictly Analog #3, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015 | EMAF, Osnabrück, Germany
2014 | Urban Lights Ruhr, Hamm, Germany
2014 | KIBLIX, Maribor, Slovenia
2014 | Сад Осьминога, Volgograd, Russia
2014 | Luminale, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 | FINE SOUND keine medienkunst, das weisse Haus, Wien, Austria
2013 | LichtLabor, Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Germany
2013 | Cyberleiber Theaterfestival, Schauspielhaus Dortmund, Germany

2013 | Fantoche Royal 11, Baden, Switzerland

2017 | Media Art Festival Rome award
2016-2017 | scholarship “DestillatWuppertal”, Bergischer Kulturfonds
2016 | BangaloREsidency, Goethe Institut Bangalore, India
2015-2016 | scholarship “ElektroMistel”, Bergischer Kulturfonds
2014 | scholarship, Maschinenhaus Essen
2012-2015 | studio grant, Koelnischer Kunstverein
2013 | work grant, Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn
2012 | project grant “Licht-Klang-Brücke”, Kunststiftung NRW
2011 | Artaward, Baustelle Schaustelle, Essen
2011 | project grant “Licht-Klang-Rhizom”, Kunststiftung NRW

2010 | project grant “Licht-Parasiten”, Kunststiftung NRW


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RaumZeitPiraten | Vimeo

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