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Last year Bettina and Aymen told me about the great art festival they made in Tunes, which reminded me about the initiatives I had made in my homeland, Venezuela. I got excited just by hearing them talking, it felt really familiar. Now, I was told that this second experience exists due the motivation of the people and that the idea is to offer an alternative cultural place for and with Tunisians in Djerba. No further words needed to be said for me to accept this incredible -personal- challenge, were I would not get to be in the organizing team, but instead I will be in the artistic group. To Djerba I am bringing my energy, my -short- experience as an architect and my spirit as an activist, in order to interact with this new context. In this exchange experience I am hopping to leave one ephemeral part of me in Djerba and in my new colleagues; I will take home the conceptual challenges and learnings of this cultural space.

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Photos: Mariandreina Baasch.


After graduating from the architecture school in 2011, Mariandreina Baasch has been working on different projects that open a space for dialogue in the society. The idea is using art in public spaces to express -freely- the socio-political problems of Venezuela.

2015 | “IX Salón Malaussena” The Venezuelan Architecture Biennale | Valencia (ve)
2013 | 14th Arquine International Design Competition – A Shelter for the displaced | México (me)
2011 | Ingenium architectural Competition | Valencia (ve)

2015 | Art in Resistance, Spielart Festival 2015 | Munich (de)
2014 | CambiArte Venezuela | Valencia (ve)
2014 | #Quédate pana | Valencia (ve)

2016-Today | MA Integrated Design | Academy of Fine Arts | Bremen (de)
2015-2015 | Leadership program, Lidera 7 | Fundación Futuro Presente, IESA, UNIMET, UCAB | Valencia (ve)
2014-2015 | Diplom in Management of Marketing and Sales | Jose Antonio Paez University| Valencia (ve)
2005-2011 | BA Architecture | Simón Bolívar University | Caracas (ve)
2008-2009 | Architecture  – Exchange Program | University Stuttgart | Stuttgart (de)
2009-2009 | Architecture  – Exchange Program | CEPT University | Ahmedabad (In)


Mariandreina Baasch


[1] What happend in Venezuela? ART AND SOCIETY Workshop


At the moment I saw myself under the government repression, I felt the urge of finding a new way of expression, a new way to protest… So, what better means of communication can be asked in a censored, controlled and oppressed country? Art surpasses any kind of censorship, I though. It deviates it, disguises it, makes fun of it. The art offers direct emitter-receiver communication and it conveys a subjective message. It can achieve its goal by means of music, dance, paint, photo or prose. Art provides a democratic space where any opinion can be discussed and from many interpretation can be learned. For that reason in 2014 together with my team „CambiArte Venezuela“ we created a space where the people, our people, could at times be free. A space that gave artists the confidence back to go out into the street to express their voice. A place to re-meet neighbors and create a safe network. In this workshop I will talk about the political situation in Venezuela and the importance of arts to rebuild the sense of democracy.



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