Lorenz Potthast

I am interested at the interplay of technology, culture and art on a global and on a local scale. After my Bachelor studies I worked for one year at an arts and cultural centre in Durban, South Africa, where I helped to set up a Multimedia Centre to extend access and skills in new media technology to the students, artists and people from the surrounding townships. After my return to Germany I initiated the MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS platform for cultural and artistic exchange with refugees from the neighbouring emergency accommodations at the University of Arts Bremen. For my Master Project I researched on the influence of Internet infrastructure on the example of the sister cities of Bremen and Durban and went on a artistic research travel through South Africa.
Through my previous participation with Xenorama at the INTERFERENCE Festival in Tunis I am now curious about the role and situation of digital communication and in Tunisia.

Lorenz Potthast is an interdisciplinary designer with an artistic approach, technological interest and cultural empathy. On the one hand he uses the possibilities of Digital Media as a new way of playful, artistic expression while on the other hand he investigates the implications of a transforming digitalized and globalized world through critical research and analysis.

2015-now | Master Digital Media
2015 | Initiator of MEET YOUR NEIGHBOURS (platform for intercultural exchange)
2014-2015 | Multimedia Centre Coordinator at BAT Centre | Durban (rsa)
2014 | Co-founder of Xenorama
2010-2014 | Bachelor Integrated Design