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As I was asked by Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi to participate in SEE Djerba project and to create a new work for public space in Djerba, I was excited to have a chance to work in such multi-layered format. The aim was not only to create a new site-specific Artwork, it was a great opportunity to work with and in context-based environments, such as cultural and historical heritage of island or thru our cross-cultural and international group.
Within one week and for the first time in Djerba, I had a chance to explore it’s deeper vision and to light on it’s spirit, which you may hardly discover with such intense as an outstanding person. From first moment on, I felt me welcome and belonging to the place and SEE Djerba Team and other artists. Our talk-rounds and discussions on the main topic helped me to reflect my own practice and explore new ways to understand subject of light in wider sense.
It was an intensive and inspiring time to look on island from different shapes. I will never forget it’s friendly atmosphere by the local community, unique nature, and, especially the colors of Djerbian sun. I could learn a lot from Djerbian rich culture and I liked our open dialog. I think the success of the project has been not made only by good results, but by integrating of transcultural processes as well. I think SEE Djerba was a good format for growing up for new processes in local environment and needs to be sustained for future’s development of the island.

SEE Djerba Site
Weaving Workshop, named “Hanout Laaouina” Houmt Souk, Djerba.



Material: 119 Silk threads, red
Light: Line Laser, Class 2, 635nm (red), 4×1,5 V

Seemingly fluent and slowly floating red lines appear in the dark space of an old weaving workshop. Subtle and thinly visible cascade of 119 silk treads in projection of red laser light interplays with the wind blowing into the building. Relating to each change of wind environment outside of the workshop, the drifting curtain manifests itself and in the next moment disappears hurriedly in the deepness of a space. Take a photo, if you want catch the game of red lines! Than in this moment you will find a true story about forgotten place, lost tradition, dusted machines and unopened mails.  In one of the oldest existing weaving workshops in Djerba I reflect the history of the old tradition of weaving under environmental aspects of modern time. Being for many years closed, I tried to re-organize the point of view on forgotten place and it’s lost tradition and tired to recall on the rich potential of such places in whole country. The development of the Artwork was of an explorative nature. I found fascinating stories about island and the people living here. Each story is for me always a process and like a growing story in reality I like to implement such uncontrollable elements like wind into my works. From this moment on the Artwork starts to live it’s own life.

Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop3_Seedjerba17_LiubovMoskvina Kopie 2
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop2_Seedjerba17_LiubovMoskvina Kopie 2
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop3_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie 2
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop_DRIFT1_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop2_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop_DRIFT2_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop5_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop_DRIFT4_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop_DRIFT5_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Liubov Moskvina_weaving workshop_DRIFT3_Seedjerba17_Sam Saidani Kopie
Photos: Liubov Moskvina, Sam Saidani.


Light is a biggest mystery I met in my life. So elementary and in the same time so hard to catch. What is it, a phenomena of light? I try to find a wide understanding of Light as a term and vision, it’s relation to life and human being. Reflecting the complexity of light I try to express it’s simplicity in my artworks.


Photos: Liubov Moskvina.


2017 | Lichtcampus | Hildesheim (de)
2017 | Lux In, Lux Helsinki​| Helsinki (fn)
2016 | Luminale | Frankfort am Main (de)
2015 | Flux Lumineux | Tunis (tn)
2015 | ICEHOTEL #26 | Jukkasjärvi (se)
2015 | Lichtcampus | Hamburg (de)
2015 | Lichtungen | Hildesheim (de)


since 2016 | Artist and Lighting Designer
2013-2016 | MA Design, diploma supplement Lighting Design | University of Applied Sciences and Arts | Hildesheim (de)
2006-2010 | BA Industrial Design / Communication Design | Braunschweig University of Art | Braunschweig (de)




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