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INTERFERENCE was our point to start working together, as a site guide from last edition to an Artist in SeeDjerba project. Djerba was an inspired place to work in and to question all its historical, abandoned places and corner,  and to get in connection with some Djerbiens people knowing and learning from them their stories and traditions. Seedjerba project was a success for all of us, ten days passed away but we kept the wonderful moments, even if we have been through stressful and difficult moments. For me Seedjerba was also a place in where i have been working during two days, in “Place Sidi abdelkader” or the closed coffee as they call it. I chose this place to work on it.  I was interested by the idea that the place was in a past an open coffee and a meeting place where people used to meet, drink, play card and talk and now it’s just abandoned place. Thus, to work on this idea of ” collective memory” knowing as an abandoned place and to reconnecting it with my installation, to re-open and to revive this place in a different context; in which i made a box where people have to leave their message and to talk on that box, and  by the more they speak, the more  there is a light lightning in the space. I was excited about people when they come and start to react into my work, leaving messages about their life, dreams, hopes, and others start to singing, yelling. And this is what interested me the most, the idea about connection, and interaction between people and the art work.

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Place Sidi Abdelkader



An interactive  light art  installation, compound of a micro-sensor of sound, connected with a card of programming called ”arduino”, a six bulbs modified and suspended of the wall. In a space on where I installed a box on which written on “Leave your Message…” and people are invited to leave their message in that box.  A box that contains sensors of sounds who capture any kind of sound effects left by the spectator; those sounds are going to be shaped and transcoded to be perceptible visually in light. This light established a visual noise and not a sound. A light which interacts with the noise sparkles and disappears, according to the intensity of noise, The Bulbs acts as a visual metaphor. This work is based on the misappropriation of our senses, by evoking them, questioning them and putting them on first. Make the senses the equivalent of a material. The voices, and noises are now transformed into code and the luminous noises are simulated. The light evokes not ears but eyes, eyes that touch and hear. This cycle can be defined as a round trip of spectator’s presence, and in this way how the sources of light belong to the art work and either to the spectator. This installation becomes an “operator of sense “expression of Jacques Aumont. Which means, that the work is auto- exposes, auto-present, and auto-generates.

Jihen Ben Chikha_Place Sidi Abdlekader_SeeDjerba_photo- Brahim Guedich -1
Jihen Ben Chikha_Place Sidi Abdlekader_SeeDjerba_photo- Brahim Guedich -1865
Jihen Ben Chikha_Place Sidi Abdlekader_SeeDjerba_photo- Brahim Guedich -3134
Photos: Brahim Guediche.


“This will be my first time in “Djerba ” And I’m so excited to be part of the Seedjerba Project , to be reunited again with the whole team to share this new experience together as a Family. The Dreams Island, or so it has been called since forever. Djerba has always been an attraction of diversity in all levels. SeeDjerba Project will certainly emphasis the beauty within this Island and the mosaique of its dailyliving through diverse artistic perspectives. Thus, let the flames begin for magical, lightful nights that will eternalise the SeeDjerba project in the Dreams islands”.


What  intrigues  me is the inutility and the misappropriation of things. I’m using light as a code to communicate with senses.  Thus, i’m interested  in visual communication and sens of language, but also in producing dispositif and interactive installation. As well as I force the spectator to reconstitute by experimentation and groping  what escapes him,  in various situations and experiences.

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Photos: Jihen Ben Chihka.

2016 | Sousse | Elbirou Art Gallery

2017 | Sousse | Institute of Fine Arts | Master Studies
2016 | Sousse | Institute of Fine Arts | Bachelor of Arts

2016 | Tunis | INTERFERENCE | Site-Guide


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