Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann


“Dealing with light is dealing with energy…”

In my opinion, the positive result and impact of the INTERFERENCE festival owed their success to powerful resonance, triggered by impulses of passion and optimism. This resonance managed to move many people and awaken their appreciation for an art form, which was previously unknown to them…a stone being thrown in to the water, the stone symbolising an impulse and the ripples the expanding resonance… I looking forward to SEE Djerba, on our shared creative thirst, to our thirst for creative community … the driving force…”

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Tom Groll. Scheinbares. LICHTUNGEN Hildesheim 2015. Photo Sara Foerster
Tom Groll + Kuno Seltmann. Biocenosis. INTERFERENCE Tunis 2016. Photo 2 Sabina von Kessel
GLOW 2014
Photos: Sara Foerster, Tom Groll.

In his artistic research, Tom Groll focuses on the experience of continuous transformation.

2016 | INTERFERENCE| Tunis
2016 | Kunstverein Montez with FLUX | Frankfurt (de)
2015 | LICHTUNGEN | Hildesheim (de)
2014 | GLOW | Eindhoven (nl)
2011 | Eisteddfod Festival | Wrexham (uk)
2009 | Narrcaje (with Bettina Pelz) | Gdansk (pl)

Since 2002 | Regular curatorial activity | Mainly in Germany and EU
Since 1992 | Regular exhibition activity | Mainly Germany and EU
1989 – 1995 | Studies in Fine Arts and Visual Communication | Cologne and Duesseldorf (de)
1985 – 1989 | Apprenticeship as a carpenter | Garmisch-Partenkirchen (de)
1964 | Born

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