Lena Weisner


I always look forward to exploring a new part of the world. Getting to know the culture and the people through an art project like this, is the most beautiful way to connect with a place and its people. SEE Djerba will bring different people together who are driven by a passion about light, like me. I look forward to two exciting weeks in Djerba!

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FLUX 1.0 -2015 Lena Weisner - Photo Lena Weisner_
FLUX 1.0 - Lena Weisner - Photo Sara Foerster (6)_
Photos: Sara Foerster, Lena Weisner


2016 | LUMINIALE with FLUX Collective | Frankfurt am Main (de)
2015 | LICHTUNGEN | Hildesheim (de)
2015 | FlLUX LUMINEUX | Tunis (tn)

2016-17 | Exchange semester„Lighting Design“ for Theatre at Rose Bruford College | London
2016 | Lighting design Lab | INTERFERENCE | Tunis (tn)
2015 | Presentation about Laserworks of FLUX Collective at Laser in Technology and Art | Technical University | Berlin (de)
Since 2013 | Bachelor of Arts in „Lighting Design“ HAWK | Hildesheim (de)
1991 | Born



Henry Cyrenius

When I first started studying Creative Writing in Hildesheim, Germany, I could only take a glance at the Lichtungen festival. Nevertheless, the responses I witnessed from those who had been there were impressive. To be given the oppotunity to work in close quarters with the people responsible for the Lichtungen festival and the ART MATTERS Collective is something I wouldn’t want to be missing out on, and which I am very grateful for. As a writer, I look for stories to tell. As a photographer, I let my sourroundings tell me theirs. As a person engaged in social work, I contemplate the relations between giving and receiving, being and acting. Then, there is Djerba. What and whom will I find here? Together with Bernadette, we take a look at that which can’t be seen, but has to be shown. How do we see ourselves and how do we see others? What is there to learn from confronting ourselves with our persona and with how another person perceives us?
I am very much looking forward to getting in touch with so many different, creative people and their works.

Together with Bernadette I’m planning to conduct an interactive project in Djerba about the personal dimensions of light and darkness and how we use these terms as metaphors in order to describe what we see and feel.

After having spent a semester in Nepal studying Buddhist philosophy and being strongly influenced by it, I explore the meaning, dimensions and effects of impermanence. This includes the ways we construct the world sourrounding us, that which we take for granted, through performing according to cultural, social and linguistic codes. To question the fragility of these alleged constants, and how this contributes to personal development and social changes is the main focus of my work.

2016 | Co-founder of Rigardu, a non-profit registered association, working with refugees on the European continent
Since October 2015 | Studies of Creative Writing at Hildesheim Univesity
2008 – 2012 | Studies of Philosophy at FU Berlin and Rangjung Yeshe Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal
2004 – 2008 | Studies of Medicine at Ruhr Universität Bochum and Universidad de Oviedo, Spain

Literaturinstitut Hildesheim

Judith Greitemann


I am glad to have the opportunity to get different views on the importance of art in social context and to discuss the role of art in societal transformation processes. In this context, I think it´s very exciting to develop strategies and concepts in a theoretical and also a practical way and to implement the concepts in Djerba.


(1) Workshop with Jule Kriesel 


I take focus on issues of self-expression, self-empowerment and art in public space. By using video and light installations I examine the impact of selfies on the empowerment to create varied and complex self-presentations. I also want to find out more about the projection´s impact on the own image in a public space.


Since 2015 I am in the bachelor degree of cultural Science and aestethic practical research“ at the university of Hildesheim. My focus of research is media and theatre.


Jule Kriesel


I am glad to join the SEE SJERBA Program this year and I am looking forward to connect with enlightening people. Especially the trans-disciplinary convent interests me here. I think light as an additional and fleeting element, the base of visual perception is a great instrument to change (public/ private) space and our interaction with it, without transforming environment in its physical material.
Whats the matter of art in Djerba though, and how can we connect as creative thinking and creating group in a permeabel and long-lasting way?
What light and darkness elements will be experience?

(1) Workshop with Judith Greitemann

I am focused on media & camera (light) and the possibility of the self representation through and by it. I would like to discover different models of self introspection or representation through light, always swinging in between the public and intimate space and our understanding of those terms. Do we have similar bounderies in self representation? What changes do we experience through different persons of surveillance behind the camera? What do you feel, when you are the one who sets the perspective and how can a public projection interact with reality? How does your light projection perform, how is the projection performed by the space and place of the screen?

I am in the bachelor degree of „cultural science and aesthetic praxis” with the subjects theatre and media at the university of Hildesheim since 2013

Since 2015 I joined the study program “cultural policy in international comparison” in Hildesheim and spent one year in Istanbul for studying and internship.


Aylin Michel

As a student of Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies in addition to Cultural Policy in an International Context at the University of Hildesheim, I am highly interested in the connection of theory and practice in international, interdisciplinary art and culture projects. I want to take this great opportunity to get in touch with innovative creatives and figure out how we as a collective can create a new perception of a place like Djerba, which is by its history transitional, and to sound out the definition of a public space from different perspectives.
I am very curious to learn more about the role of art in Tunisia and how art matters in various ways.

[1] Workshop: Djerba online seen from Germany

In this project, I want to focus on the role of social media, the pictures and resultantly the image it creates of Djerba. To see the possibilities and the shifting perspectives it can evoke, highlighting the inter- and transcultural practices. Much like my work at MAVIBLAU, a Turkish-German Magazine for Culture, Arts and Society.

Since 2015| Studies of Cultural Policy in an international Context at Bilgi University Istanbul
Since 2013| Studies of Arts, Aesthetics and Cultural Studies at University Hildesheim


Julien Rathje

To grasp “interculturality” as the inbetween of geographies as well as artistic mediated practices is a main focus of studying at the Philosophy Department at the University of Hildesheim.
SEE Djerba gives me a different field to apply and attach these discourses to a concrete context, also under a critical self-reflecting perspective.  To get in touch with people from different backgrounds in Djerba can only be enriching.

SEE Djerba Contribution
I am interested in the role of the project itself, the function and effects it wants to provide – how is it connected with the local scene/community? What does/can/will SEE Djerba and its spin-offs represent?

The focus of Julien Rathjes research is on the productive dimensions of art and aesthetic practices and its critical relation to capitalist mechanisms.

2017: Studies of Philosophy and Art Management (Istanbul)
Since 2016: Kunstraum 53 (Gallery, Hildesheim)
Since 2015: Studies of Intercultural Philosophy and Arts (Hildesheim)
Until 2015: Studies of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Leipzig)

Bernadette Schnabel


Having the opportunity to participate in the SeeDjerba project seems very excitcing to me. As a student of cultural studies and applied arts (university of Hildesheim) I’m highly interested in intersectional artistic, cultural and political discourses. I’m looking forward to meet, discuss, see..!


Together with Henry I’m planning to conduct an interactive project in Djerba about the personal dimensions of light and darkness and how we use these terms as metaphors in order to describe what we see and feel.


Beside university I’m mainly involved in theater and dance (-pedagogical) projects. I’m passionate about taking part and observing the complex processes of opening oneself up and get to know each other through movement. I’m very curious to experience in which way lightart can initiate those kind of processes – how it will impact our minds, the (public) spaces and our interaction.


Since 2013 degree course “Cultural studies and applied arts” at the University of Hildesheim

2015/16 (within the Erasmus program) “Discipline dell’Arte, della Musica e dello Spettacolo” at the University of Bologna


Sonja Karolin Tautz


As a student of international cultural policy I am very interested in the influences art can have on society and political thoughts and processes. Coming to Djerba is a special opportunity for me as it is my third chance to be a part of discussions about art and community in Africa. The first project I participated in was in 2016 at the East African Performing Arts Market in Uganda followed by a three-month-internship at the District Six Museum in Cape Town. Both of these experiences have opened my mind to the idea of art as a political tool that can formulate statements about the social structures we live in that are sometimes hard to grasp. I am looking forward to get to know Tunisia and to learn how this country finds itself in its unique position between Europe and Africa.


ART MATTERS Documentary and Evaluation


My work is focused on questions about art as part of political activism, art and culture as a medium to sustain democracy and about the different perceptions and perspectives on art and culture from a european and an african point of view.


2017: studies of Design, Photography and Film at Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria
Since 2015: focus on International Cultural Policy in the context of Bachelor Plus, Hildesheim
Since 2014: Cultural Studies and Aesthetics with focus on Literature and Media, Hildesheim