Mehdi Louati


As a research Master’s Student in Heritage, I have also a professional Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management and an Applied Management License in Tourism Products. I also take a long leadership experience by working with many associations in Djerba and now i’m the assistant Secretary General of ASSIDJE. By working with international artists, i gain a new understanding of my personal heritage, culture and values. Additionally, I become more independent, self-reliant, and self-confident as I learn to navigate and live comfortably in a different culture. As a result, it’s easier for me to form partnerships and work effectively to tackle global or multinational challenges. But also, develop my professional skills and my leadership experience.


[1] SEE Djerba ASSIDJE member


Since 2016 | Member of ASSIDJE Association
Since 2016 | Research Master’s Student in Heritage
2014-2016 | Professional Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management
2011-2014 | Applied Management License in Tourism Products
1993 | Born



Ahmed Chebbi


I’m a Computer Science and mobile software engineering student and like everybody knows art is not our strongest area, but being part of SEE Djerba is a result of several years of working as volunteer in different project and INTERFERENCE was the opportunity to be involved in a project related to Light Art which i found something fascinating. I’ve never been to Djerba, so it’s an opportunity to SEE Djerba and live the new adventure.


[1] SEE Djerba Technical Coordination
[2] SEE Djerba Artist’s accomplice


Since 2016 | Project manager at Velox-it
Since 2015 | Computer Science and mobile software engineering student
2015 | Bachelor in Computer Science and Multimedia
1994 | Born


Imen Cherif


One day, I was walking in Tunis streets and I met Amin, he told me about INTERFERENCE, and the fact that they want to have the same event in Djerba. I was so happy to hear this, and so excited that I wanted to help with all i can give to SEE Djerba under light, SEE Djerba alive again, and finally to SEE my hometown, where i was born and grown up in, happy. I asked Ijou Gdena team to be part of the project as well. and all together we can assure the success of SEE Djerba.


[1] SEE Djerba Ijou Gdena team
[2] SEE Djerba Artist accomplice


Since 2016 | Part of Ijou Gdena team
Since 2016 | Orthoptics student, SUPSAT university
2015-2016 | Biology and Geology student, Science University, Tunis
1997 | Born



Turn On the Light

Houmet Souk woke up today on the frightening roar of the neighborhood’s cats 🙂 , announcing a rough bestial battle of territory … Border wars do not cease.

Breakfast was served early in the morning, and in the terrace few artists and organizing members are looking for shade and morning breeze, sheltered from the generous rays of the Tunisian sun. Smiles and greetings in all languages made the atmosphere heart-warming.

The artists, freshly arrived, took advantage of the morning to discover the neighborhood and to find their places of inspiration to spread their “lights” during the seven days to come.

Meanwhile, the organizing team was busy setting the final touches to the preparations of the workshops.
At lunchtime, a popular fast-food restaurant near Haj Hsen café was unanimously chosen, given the generosity of its dishes and spicy blends and full of character meals cooked with vegetables, eggs and harissa.

At 4pm, the three scheduled workshops began with a young audience that absorbed the words of Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Neda Pouryekta, Bettina Pelz and Aymen Gharbi.

New horizons opened in the minds of the participants, some were intrigued, others convinced and others disturbed by the amount of internal questions raised.
The sessions closed at 7 pm in good spirit, each one came out with a new idea, an answer, a question or a new meaning to something.

Discussions continued during the dinner to leave late evening to the presentations of the artists. It was a moment of relaxation and pleasure to see different works of light art: laser installations, mapping, voice-to-light converters, etc. A flow of images and videos, conveying beauty and magic and particularly strong messages or futuristic and fun ideas. All the reasons to turn off all the lights in your room and illuminate those of your mind to create beautiful dreams.


Houmet Souk s’est réveillé aujourd’hui sur les rugissements effrayants des « chat-tigre » du quartier :), annonçant une rude bataille bestiale de territoire…Les guerres des frontières sont sans fin.

Le petit déjeuner fut servi tôt le matin, et dans la terrasse s’éparpillaient quelques artistes et des membres organisateurs à la recherche d’ombre et de brise matinale, à l’abri du flux généreux du soleil tunisien. Des sourires et des bonjours formulés dans toutes les langues rendaient l’atmosphère chaleureuse.

Les artistes, fraichement débarqués, ont profité de la matinée pour découvrir les quartiers aux alentours et dénicher leurs lieux de prédilection pour y répandre leurs lumières durant les sept jours à venir.

Pendant ce temps, l’équipe organisatrice s’activaient pour régler les dernières retouches des préparations des ateliers, notamment le ravitaillement de toute personne participante.

A l’heure du déjeuner, un fast-food de cuisine populaire près du café « Haj Hsen » fut élu par la majorité écrasante vu la générosité de ses plats  et des mélanges piquants et plein de caractères  à base de légumes, œuf et harissa.


Seize heures, les trois ateliers programmés commencèrent avec un jeune public qui absorbait les paroles de Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Neda Pouryekta et Bettina Pelz.

Des chemins nouveaux s’ouvraient dans les esprits des participants, les uns étaient intrigués, les autres convaincus et d’autres perturbés par le nombre de questions intérieures soulevées.

Les sessions se sont clôturées à 19h dans la bonne humeur, chacun sortait avec une idée nouvelle, une réponse, une question ou un nouveau sens à quelque chose.

Les discussions se poursuivaient durant le dîner pour laisser place en fin de soirées aux présentations des artistes. Ce fut un moment de détente et de plaisir que de voir des travaux différents sur la lumière : des installations lasers, au mapping, aux convertisseurs de voix en lumière, etc. Un flux d’images et de vidéos diverses, comportant la beauté et la magie et surtout la transmission de messages forts  ou d’idées futuristes ou amusantes. De la matière pour éteindre toutes les lumières de ta chambre et illuminer celles de l’esprit pour faire de beaux rêves.


Neila & Maher 🙂

Houssem Abida


Heritage dosen’t mean museums and just old souvenirs. Heritage is daily evolution and : That’s something Interferences Festival prooved to me last year, and encouraged me to mork more on this point with all tools possible. In fact, all projects in the medina are strongly linked. For example, during Interferences festival, the number of views of Wikipedia articles our team in MedinaPedia wrote increased enormously and helped us reach our main goal which is to make people know more about heritage. And that’s why we want to repeat the experience this year with Djerba.

[1]  Wikipedia writing workshop // Impact of festivals on Wikipedia researches // How to write a wikipedia article


Houssem is discovering his heritage and surrounding culture, and trys to promote it to people who are not aware of its wealth, but in a new modern way. He also, works on the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations throught projects and trainings. He was given the title of Arab Youth ChangeMaker by the United Nations Development Program.


Since 2017 |  Tunisia Chapter National Office Representative of the African Union Students’Council
Since 2016 | Beb 18
Since 2015 | Carthagina member
Since 2014 | Medicine School of Tunis
Since 2012 | Junior Chamber International